Debit Cards

Visa Debit Card

block_debitcardHate Writing Checks…Get a Visa Debit Card!

UYFCU’s Visa Debit Cards are available with the Apprentice Checking, Journeyman Checking, and the Master Craftsman Checking accounts. To restaurants and retailers your Debit Card looks and acts like a credit card, but to you it is like writing a check. The transactions are debited directly from your checking account. You can use your Debit Card in ATMs, as POS transactions, and anywhere Visa is accepted.

When using your UYFCU Visa Debit Card, some merchants give you the opportunity to select “credit” or “debit.” Both options will be automatically deducted from your UYFCU checking account, however they are processed differently. Here are some tips for making the best selection.

Select the CREDIT option:

  • To have some of the same dispute rights as when you use a Visa credit card should you have problems with the goods or services you purchase.
  • To be cost conscious. Some merchants charge a small fee for transactions when you select the debit option.
  • To avoid having to enter your PIN number in front of other people.

Select the DEBIT option:

  • When you would like cash back from the merchant.

When you sign-up in person, you may select your own Personal Identification Number (PIN). If you sign-up by mail, your card will be mailed to you and a system generated PIN will soon follow in the mail. You may change your PIN at any time by bringing in your Visa Debit Card to our UYFCU office.

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